Fluidigm 500


In the summer of 2015, Fluidigm was on its way to hiring its 500th employee, an accomplishment the company wanted to promote internally as well as externally as a recruiting tool. The concept chosen highlighted the company’s major achievements according to the number of employees Fluidigm had at the time. Using the animated motion graphic created for Fluidigm by Emrah Gonulkirmaz, we created a kind of timeline to showcase major achievements by employee count. The tagline was “Imagine what 500 can do.”, and we used the hashtag #whatcan500do to promote the campaign on social channels. The posters were used on social media, the company careers page and internally on office walls and via company emails.


Fluidigm500_Poster_144-01 Fluidigm500_Poster_185-01 Fluidigm500_Poster_205-01 Fluidigm500_Poster_260-01


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