Fall 2009, Max Azria


Building upon its intention to capture the artistic grace inherent to women, the Max Azria label commissioned photographer Deborah Turbeville to photograph its Fall 2009 collection, presented with the seasonal message I wrote:

Finding inspiration in the varied passions of women, the Fall 2009 Max Azria collection explores the ethereal seduction of the dark side. Shades of ochre and plum penetrate a tonal palette of rich black and antique whites, while decadent drapes of lace, silk and velvet complete a fluid silhouette that liberates the visionary spirit.

The poignant work of renowned photographer Deborah Turbeville explores the perceived contrast of beauty and separation with a defining, evocative aesthetic. The graceful femininity of this collection moves effortlessly through a barren landscape, finding expressive freedom in a melancholy solace. The images capture the sensual union of light and dark found at the heart of every artist.



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